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Advancements in interviewing technologies: Bringing confidence to qualitative

Posted on December 18,2013.
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I should admit my relationship with quantitative research: It’s complicated. As a corporate researcher, I liked how quickly quantitative research results were received. A conversation I faced frequently as a corporate researcher was the general validity of qualitative research, but there seemed to be little doubt in anything that had a percentage next to it. Click here to read more…

Quester relates: How technology is making us all smarter

Posted on November 07,2013.
Posted in: Market Research, Methodology

A recent book review in The New York Times entitled “Brain Gain” by Walter Isaacson discussed how technology is changing our minds for the better. In this article, Clive Thompson, author of “Smarter Than You Think,” is spotlighted for his perspective regarding human and machine pairing.. Click here to read more…

The Difference between analyzing “text” and analyzing “language”: The Confidence of Linguistic Analysis

Posted on October 08,2013.
Posted in: Market Research, Methodology

Earlier this week I was having a conversation with a colleague about truly enjoying what we do. Mainly our conversation focused on understanding what makes people tick, examining the nuances in their language, uncovering their reality. Click here to read more…

From Market Research to Consumer Insights

Posted on July 19,2012.
Posted in: Market Research, Methodology

For the past several years there has been a big debate about whether companies who manufacture and distribute products should be focusing more on market research or on consumer insights. In many industries, consumer insights is a fairly new term that has just begun to be understood and applied to marketing strategies.

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Sharing Quester’s Approach with MBA Candidates at the University of Iowa

Posted on February 27,2012.
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Quester was honored to have been invited to present to the Marketing Academy students at the University of Iowa’s Henry B. Tippie School of Management in February. Sharing our methodology with the future leaders in the field is a huge opportunity for Quester, and it’s also a great way to give back, and promote the importance of lifelong learning.
Mark A. Winkler, Business Director for the Marketing Academy, MBA, shared the following thoughts on what led him to include Quester in this year’s speaker line-up:

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