Conducting in-home-use tests provides an opportunity to get closer to your consumers and their interactions with your products. Quester leverages their unique interviewing software and mobile applications to expand the reach and quantity of consumers within a given study. The nature of the research objectives drives the final approach. Quester’s foundational approach starts with a qualitative interview with hundreds of potential/existing consumers which helps identify the optimal candidates for the in-home-use test. These respondents will then utilize a mobile application to record and/or document their experiences with the products. Following the exercise, an additional study is launched to understand all aspects of the experience with the product.

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Quester’s flexibility and responsiveness during the design stage make them easy to work with, and their probing technique offers a unique and valuable benefit read more..

Patricia Graham
Chief Strategy Officer
GfK Knowledge Networks

I’ve had the fortune of working with Quester on more than 30 projects, and I see Socrates becoming a staple in the work SymphonyIRI Group is doing. read more..

Larry Levin
Executive Vice President
SymphonyIRI Group