We work with companies across multiple industries to provide insights and answers to their research objectives. Our expertise is called upon for a variety of business needs ranging from strategic research to tactical research. We also serve global market research firms allowing them to integrate our proprietary technology into their quantitative studies.

Additionally, we offer a business-to-business solution that enables executives to better understand their workforce in real-time, around the nation. We realize that there is a real need, among businesses, to use research solutions gathered from within, in order to solve business problems. At all times and across disciplines. Click here to find out more.

Because our technology is uniquely designed to handle large-scale online qualitative interviewing, and highly complex linguistic analysis, the services we provide are unique. Our deliverables and consultative approach are the reason we boast a 98% retention rate .

Market Research
We do market research for you.

We conduct qualitative market research with innovative research designs, proprietary technology and global capabilities.

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Business Insights
We provide executives with research tools.

We have taken market research a step further., and made it easily available to companies looking to solve internal business issues.

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Technology Partnerships
We integrate technology for research suppliers.

Our clients include global market research firms that are leaders in quantitative research. Learn about our language options.

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Top 5 Things About Quester

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Client Testimonials

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Innovation is a driving force at OTX and Quester’s technology seemed forward thinking so we wanted to know more. We started testing Socrates and were very impressed. read more..

Jim Forrest
SVP - Digital Innovation
Ipsos Open Thinking eXchange

I’ve had the fortune of working with Quester on more than 30 projects, and I see Socrates becoming a staple in the work SymphonyIRI Group is doing. read more..

Larry Levin
Executive Vice President
SymphonyIRI Group