Brand Health & Equity

Once you’ve established a brand, it becomes more valuable over time. Brand health is a series of measurable indicators that we can track over time. Our alerts will not only identify potential issues before they arise, but provide diagnostics and solutions on the spot.

Once we measure the health, we can help you protect the equity your brand has built. Knowing brand equity markers will help you understand how your brand is uniquely valuable to consumers.

We’ll help you understand and protect your brand – and help you place your brand in juxtaposition to your competitors.

Brand Positioning

Brand Positioning studies your competitors and product category in addition to your own brand. We’ll shine a light on the ideal positioning for your category and your product’s position in the category. In addition, Quester’s data identifies differentiators and emotional connections to brands. By interviewing hundreds of category consumers and linguistically analyzing conversations,

we deliver the most complete picture of the competitive landscape

Brand Foundation

Quester’s software asks consumers about your brand in order to deeply understand the cognitive associations and perceptions that currently exist. First, we compile one-on-one conversations with hundreds or thousands of people and then subject the data to a linguistic analysis. When you receive our comprehensive report,

you’ll have a clear picture of where your brand stands in the marketplace.

Take your brand to the next level