Alexander Parrish

When Alex was a child, he wanted to be a doctor; he even told his parents he would give them a 10% family discount when he became one. Unfortunately, the sight of blood quickly led him to consider different career options.Alex feels truly lucky to have married someone who not only was willing to go out in public with him when he had a mullet, but who will also sing boy band songs with him when they’re trying to get their toddler to fall asleep.As Research Director, he’s an artist. First, he gets the right canvas/conversational flow to work with and then he takes the thousands of respondent’s words to paint a picture. For each picture he creates with the Quester team, he wants the clients who look at it broadly to easily see the “big picture.” He also focuses on “bringing sexy back” to his presentations. Coincidence that he admires Justin Timberlake? Perhaps.