Ilene Lanin-Kettering

Ilene Lanin-Kettering

SVP, Consumer Science & Strategy

A self-described workaholic, Ilene credits her family for allowing her to immerse herself into her job. Her family – Randy, Casey and Brooke – are her foundation and inspiration.

As Strategic Design & Analysis SVP, she likes brainstorming – both with her clients and the Quester team. There is a true “flow” experience when we are all trying to solve the same issue together. It is truly a culture of collaboration, not competition to Ilene.

She’s also a self-described “interpersonal witch” – who’s able to understand what makes a person tick.

Ilene consults on study design at the initial proposal stage to ensure that our studies best meet client needs, oversees the implementation of the design through execution, and consults and participates in providing value-added actionable recommendations that answer clients’ business questions.