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    Think about the last time you made dinner ... What did you choose to make? And why? Odds are, it wasn’t simply a choice based on fulfilling hunger. There was much more to it. Did you need something quick and easy because you had a busy night? Were you trying to get some nutrition into your family to balance out snacking? Was it an opportunity to bring the family together and bond over a nice meal? Or was something else entirely? Why did you ultimately choose the dinner you chose? Because you had a specific job to be done, and you hired something specific to complete that job.

    This white paper describes the Jobs To Be Done framework with accessible language that both researchers and marketers can understand. Download the paper to learn:

    Why the JTBD framework is importantThe basic theory of JTBDHow it uncovers drivers, barriers, and unmet needs; situations and occasions; relative importance; size of the market; and job profilesThe research requirements and stages of the methodologyHow the standardized discussion guide is builtWhat questions need to be part of the discussion guideHow data is analyzed

    As a standardized tool that can be customized to accommodate both big and small jobs as well as functional and emotional jobs, JTBD holds great potential in the innovation space. It offers marketers a deep and broad understanding of what people hire products for, and allows them to successfully leverage insights into product and service innovations that genuinely increase customer satisfaction.