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    Most introductory marketing text books offer a templated formula for how to develop innovative new products, a formula that typically begins by discovering consumer needs … not by being handed a completed product. So what happens when you have been handed an amazing innovation and now need to deeply understand the jobs consumers will hire it for?

    This white paper describes the Reverse Jobs To Be Done (RJTBD) framework with accessible language that both researchers and marketers can understand. Download the paper to learn:

    Why Reverse Jobs To Be Done is a necessary methodology in your research toolkitHow the RJTBD methodology discovers audiences, language, jobs, and replacementsThe advantages of sample size and integration that AI providesHow the Quester RJTBD methodology worksThe insights provided by the RJTBD methodology

    With large sample sizes made possible through artificial intelligence and the expertise of highly skilled linguists, ethnographers, and researchers, Quester’s Reverse Jobs To Be Done AI methodology breaks down hundreds or thousands of lengthy and complex consumer opinions into their key components. It allows marketers to clearly understand deep-seated unconscious consumer emotions to identify distinct target groups and the messaging that is most likely to resonate with them in a genuine and meaningful way.


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