What We Mean When We Say We’re Built to Listen, Learn, and Lead

If you talk to your Quester friends this year, you’ll hear us reference this a lot – the idea that we’re built to listen, to learn, and to lead. But beyond the catchy line and clever alliteration (which, obviously, we love), what does that actually mean?


We’re Built to Listen

We believe in basing all of our work in people, not just data points. Lots of companies say they’re storytellers, and we deeply believe that stories matter – but it’s not the stories we tell, it’s the ones consumers tell us. We value radical consumer empathy, so we uncover the deep and rich individual stories that shape the narratives driving broader consumer behavior. We uncover stories from multiple sources – secondary data, trends, social narratives, and our own AI- moderating tools designed to help people become better storytellers. We dig into their needs, wants, desires, conflicts, challenges, experiences and emotions, sourcing their language as our foundation to study. We’re truly listening everywhere.


We’re Built to Learn

Our work isn’t built just to generate information but to inspire action. What we (as consumers and people) tell ourselves – and each other – becomes the basis for narratives. These narratives form our collective perspective and shift our behavior accordingly. Stories by themselves are exciting and interesting, but when we analyze them to understand the collective narratives, they become powerful. And it goes beyond methods. Whether we’re using linguistic inputs for traditionally quantitative approaches (like cluster analysis) or building our own narrative platforms and Generative AI tools, we’re passionate about analyzing language, at scale, in new and creative ways.


We’re Built to Lead

Passion is great, but it must be translated and harnessed purposefully, so we use all of our inspiration and excitement to create powerful strategies that drive business impact. Because we’re not caught up in some arrogant point of view of ourselves as “the experts,” we’re free to be partners. This means we can independently make connections that build a singular strategy, based in serving people and what they need. And we work with industry leaders to link our groundbreaking narrative work to proven strategy-building processes through our SPARQ and DRIVE models, building outcomes that create bold, breakthrough impact.

As we move into a new year, we’re determined to do more for our clients, our industry, and the consumers who give us their stories, sharing the best of Quester in new and exciting ways – but based in the foundation that’s always represented the best of our core values.


  • Andrea Joss

    Andrea loves Quester – and not just like she loves ice cream – real love, in her heart. To AJ, Quester is special because it’s full of people with giant brains who care deeply about their work and each other. Every day is different, there’s always something going on and there are always big ideas. AJ also feels it’s important to note that the people of Quester are - individually and collectively - hilarious.As Senior Vice President of Research, she makes sure that the work we do is great, that we stay creative in our designs and tools, that our approaches are top notch, and that we have all of the fun (and also snacks. Including ice cream).AJ’s fun fact is that she has four kids who are seventeen years apart in age – she finds them unique, inspiring and amazing and she will absolutely tell you all about them whenever she sees you (glad you asked!). She also has a fantastic husband who lets her pretend to be the nice one but is really the most patient man in the Greater Metro Area. She secretly aspires to write a novel in her free time, but watches Property Brothers instead.

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