Quester Releases Confirmit Flex Extension

Des Moines, Iowa – Quester® has released an extension for Confirmit Flex to allow their clients and partners to use their software moderator – Socrates®, within the Confirmit® platform. Quester’s software moderator was developed in 2001 and was built upon the expertise of over 30 years of experience in the market research industry. Its focus was on qualitative research using psychiatric interviewing techniques to probe and dig deeper into responses to get additional depth and insight from the interviewee. Socrates has since conducted over 5 million one-on-one in-depth interviews and is available in multiple languages. Quester’s moderator has been shown to double and triple the number of words and ideas obtained from an interviewee when compared to not probing. This additional data is critical in learning the entire story behind the response.

Quester’s software moderator is available in their proprietary survey platform, via an API, or by using their ITB™ which stands for Interactive Text Box. The ITB was designed to be dropped into a wide range of survey platforms and web applications and is commonly used to replace existing text boxes in order to collect deeper insights from the user. Think of the ITB as a mini chat box. Once the ITB is integrated into a platform the user types their response into the box and clicks a button to continue. With a typical text box this is where the interaction ends, but with the ITB the user’s response is sent to Socrates to be analyzed and a follow up question (i.e. probe) is presented back to the user. The user then continues to answer the follow up question providing additional insight to the researcher.

While dropping the ITB into a 3rd party platform is easier and less technical than accessing Quester’s software moderator via their API, it typically requires some programming knowledge. A lot of companies have IT staff on hand which can handle these technical steps. Other companies may not have this capability or their IT staff is too busy working on other projects. This is where the Quester ITB Confirmit Flex Extension comes into play. No technical knowledge is required to setup and use the Quester ITB in the Confirmit platform.

The Confirmit Flex Extension Framework is a way to expand and add to the Confirmit platform. Confirmit is an established platform in the market research industry when it comes to creating and administrating surveys. With Confirmit Flex it is possible to collect data via new sources and devices which were not available before. This opens new doors for creative and innovative ways to use the Confirmit platform. In simplified terms – think of Confirmit Flex as an app store for the Confirmit platform. Similar to the Apple App Store for iOS devices. Customers and partners can now develop their own “apps” for Confirmit.

Jereme Thomas, IT Director at Quester explains “While our probing technology has always been available in the Confirmit platform by using the Quester ITB or API, there was a technical hurdle some of our clients and partners faced while integrating our tool. That hurdle no longer exists and using our ITB is as simple as using any of the standard question types available in the Confirmit platform.”

About Quester
Quester is a technology-driven, full-service market research firm that has been recognized as a 2012 EXPLOR Award finalist. They have developed a proprietary software moderator and text analytic analysis software that allows them to conduct qualitative research on a quantitative scale, or Quali-Quant research, with multi-lingual and multi-cultural capabilities.

About Confirmit
Confirmit is a worldwide market research and enterprise feedback management (EFM) software provider. The company is headquartered in Oslo, Norway, and also has offices in London, Guildford, New York, San Francisco, Moscow, Yaroslavl, Vancouver and Cologne. The Confirmit platform is available through two delivery models: on-demand (software as a service) and on-premise.

For additional information, contact Jereme Thomas, Information Technology by phone at 1-877-232-1005 or email at


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