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Quester is an award-winning consumer intelligence firm that harnesses the power of human conversation, artificial intelligence technology, and expert marketing research design to yield superior understanding of consumers for clients.

About Us

We believe in understanding people as people, not just as consumers. Our deep curiosity drives us to dig deep into the heart, mind and soul of every person, to move beyond data points to real depth.


Uniquely, Quester blends the best of quantitative survey research and qualitative research into a single hybrid approach enabled by a one-of-a-kind linguistically-trained, AI-backed virtual moderator that conducts in-depth interviews among hundreds or thousands of consumers.

Marketing scientists, quantitative analysts, and linguistic analysts collaborate to produce a comprehensive analysis that goes beyond data to bring a full and complete story to life.

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6500 University Avenue
Suite 205
Des Moines, IA 50324

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