New Segmentation Deep Dive Product, Spinned Off Of An Award-Winning Market Research Project

Des Moines, Iowa – In 2012, Quester® designed a new customer profiling methodology for a Fortune 500 Consumer Packaged Goods Company. The outcome resulted in deeper consumer insights for targeted marketing. The research results were co-presented to the EXPLOR Award jury panel ahead of The Market Research Event conference and earned Quester the distinction of EXPLOR Award finalist. This outcome has prompted the launch of Quester Segmentation℠, a new market research product that debuts this month.

This product is designed for companies looking to dig deeper pre or post-segmentation with the purpose of gaining a deeper understanding of their consumers, and to bring them to life.

Using a proprietary multi-lingual software-based interviewing platform and text analytics engine, Quester captures the rich stories from hundreds to thousands of consumers within specific or all consumer segments. The geographical reach combined with time and cost efficiencies makes this feasible for all industries beyond what is possible with traditional methods.

The new product will enable customers to:
Develop products/innovations that can be created to satisfy current/future needs of specific consumer segments;
Increase the depth and understanding of customer segments for defined and targeted marketing;
Expand the reach into their consumer base and amplify their stories, ideas, emotions and more.

“We are fully confident that our new and innovative research designs will continue to prove an asset to consumer and shopper insights worldwide as we apply these methodologies to not only segmentation, but also path to purchase, in home use tests, concept optimization, and more” says Kurt Shedenhelm, CEO at Quester. He adds that “leading global research suppliers will also be able to integrate Quester’s technologies into their quantitative designs in new and innovative ways”.

About Quester®

Quester® is a technology-driven full-service market research firm, recognized as a 2012 EXPLOR Award finalist. We have developed proprietary technology that allows us to conduct qualitative research on a quantitative scale, or Quali-Quant research, all with multi-lingual capabilities.

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