Our Thoughts at Thanksgiving

We love to ask people questions. In the spirit of Thanksgiving, we asked staff members to tell us what they’re grateful for at Quester. Here’s what they had to say:

I am grateful for a lot of little things that make my daily life wonderful, somehow – someway – even when it can be very tough. Quester and all of our people are major pieces of that happiness. I get so much joy and energy out of being part of this company. – Robert “Lewy” Lewis, Owner

It is truly a blessing to be surrounded by friends and colleagues who take the big (and sometimes crazy) ideas and develop them into something better than you had envisioned. I’m grateful for each of our individual talents and what they are able to create when we come together. – Tim Hoskins, President

To work for reasonable people who expect hard work and still create an awesome work environment. I’m also grateful for the freedom we are given to be creative and solve problems without excessive oversight. It’s great to be trusted with a project and given opportunities to learn new things. – Jeffrey Noble, Survey Programmer

Coworkers who are FUN to work with and are always eager to jump in to help on projects, working as a true TEAM. – Emily Schuttlefield, Research Analyst

I am grateful for the amazing team we have here at Quester. It is especially great how collaborative we are across multiple departments to find the best solution for our clients. – Heath Weiland, Vice President – Client Services

I am grateful for people (friends!) at Quester who care about me as a person rather than an employee. I’m thankful to be here on days I just need to laugh, days I just need to cry, and everything in between.

I am grateful for flexibility to take care of my family when they need me – and good gravy, they always need me!

I am grateful for the freedom to be creative and take risks without fear of failure – 836 days on the job without breaking Quester!

I am thankful for the connections with people – the respondents who share their honest lives and true selves with us. I’m even thankful for our clients and sample providers because they seem to be okay with the Amy-ness that comes out sometimes. – Amy Crick, Research Analyst

I am grateful for the collaboration of ideas, and how everyone pitches in to tackle project timelines, etc., even if they are dedicated to a different team. Everyone gives of themselves so the workload is spread evenly across the organization. – Brian Pins, Research Manager

All my awesome co-workers, the flexible work schedule, and the fact I get to work on a wide range of projects and technologies. From hardware to software I enjoy troubleshooting and figuring new things out. – Jereme Thomas, Senior Vice President – Information Technology

Giant Brains and Big Hearts! – Nichole Clinkinbeard, Senior Research Director

I am grateful for having a community of people who can all brainstorm with each other! – Ilene Lanin-Kettering, Senior Vice President – Strategic Design & Analysis

Quester isn’t just a workplace to me; Quester is family and it’s almost hard to explain. Just like any other family, the Quester household is not perfect, but the combination of quirky and unique personalities and imperfections makes this place as close to perfect as a home could be. After spending a few months away from Quester, I appreciate the workplace culture even more. The feeling of looking forward to going to work every day and spending time with people you enjoy is priceless and for that, I am grateful. – Shana Johnson, Director of Client Services

I am grateful to work in a culture where people always come first. I love being at Quester, and proud to work alongside dedicated, smart and talented people who do research that impacts all of us in one way or another every single day. – Lisa Baker, Director of Marketing

I am grateful for Quester being a family friendly, work/life balance, give back to the community type employer. I love my fun, witty, hard-working, big brain colleagues. I appreciate our leadership who understand that “life happens” and allows us to truly tailor our work schedules around our lives. I am thankful for the trust given to all employees to do the job we’ve hired them to do and I am so thankful they do their jobs so well. I am thankful that I get to come here every day and do what I love because my colleagues are experts at creating a unique solution for our clients. I am also grateful for our clients who trust us to partner with them as they navigate the ever-changing landscape of consumer goods and services. For all of this – I am thankful! – Laura DeBartolo-Tow, Human Resources Consultant

I am grateful for a culture that embraces trust. The recent article in Inc. spoke about this extensively “When Companies End Remote Work, This Is What They’re Really Saying (Hint: It’s About Trust)” jumping off from the recent Reddit and earlier Yahoo and Best Buy decisions to ban remote work.

The gist of the article applies well to us – “At the heart of the issue is collaboration and, by extension, creativity and innovation.” With multiple offices and a substantial number working from home, I believe that Quester does a great job at this, emphasizing trust and communication between staffers, regardless of where their desk is. It’s really all about building a culture focused on individual empowerment, investing thought and passion in developing effective location-distributed teams. – Susan Lipske, Vice President – Research & Analysis

I’m thankful for working for a company that truly values its employees and fosters an environment of cooperation and innovation. I am thankful for the fun and incredibly smart colleagues I get to work with every day right here in Des Moines! – Gail Koerner, Vice President – Client Services

I’m grateful for the family atmosphere at Quester. Everyone supports each other and everyone is willing to jump in and do whatever is necessary to get the job done. I’m grateful for the positive attitude that comes from upper management (e.g. Lewy). As a newer employee, I’m
grateful for the patience that my team has had in training me.
– Cathy Esposito, Research Manager

Two simple words: the people. It is great to have a job that isn’t just a job; I have the privilege to work with people who are both brilliant and fun. People that I respect and admire professionally, and also love to hang out with. People who I can both learn from and teach, people who I can count on, people who make me laugh and make me feel appreciated. I love the collaborative environment and spirit of cooperation. It is obvious that management truly cares for all of us and allows for the flexibility that is sometimes needed. Everyone shares the same vision and thus a family environment is created.

In addition, I am grateful to be a part of a company that has a vision; it is awesome to be a part of something larger that makes a difference, to build something that could be amazing. A company that is always striving to do things bigger and better. – Tom Shaughnessy, Senior Research Manager

I’m thankful that the work we do is interesting and that it provides value for our clients. It’s incredibly gratifying to have a client come back with a question about a study that’s a year or more old, and knowing that it’s still being utilized.

I’m thankful that Quester is interested in giving back to the community, but always puts our own crazy spin on it (i.e. our highly competitive ‘giving away day’ that is a yearly tradition around the holidays).

I’m thankful that Quester has created a work environment that truly recognizes and supports that its employees are people with families, lives and responsibilities outside of their jobs here at Quester. I think some employers would be concerned that a flexible work environment and the ability to work from home would hinder productivity, but it’s so easy to see how much of an advantage these benefits are at Quester. I’m thankful that Quester’s work environment allows me to easily manage my life, and ultimately be more effective at my job because of the balance that environment creates. – Hannah Collins, Research Director

I am thankful for all the intelligent, kind and hilarious people I get to work with every day. I have only been working at Quester a couple weeks and already feel a part of the family. – Meghan Mortier, Research Analyst

There’s a lot to be grateful for at Quester, but what I’m most grateful for is the feeling of a second family. Whether it’s a work project or a personal crisis, there’s support at Quester. And, like a family, you can be yourself and still be accepted, quirks and all. In fact, quirkiness is encouraged. – Chris Malone, Research Manager

I will probably be copying everyone by saying that the thing that most thankful for is the people that work here. Honestly, I can say that this type of atmosphere doesn’t exist everywhere and it is very special. I have worked at many places ranging from the Gyro Stand in Ames, cleaning cars at Enterprise, selling bikes at Scheels and Skunk River, or working for professors and I have not felt the community atmosphere anywhere else except a few places.

I am also thankful for the shower, yes, it is lame but it allows me to ride my bike to work without the worry of being sweaty mess all day long. – Eric Henderson, Operations Manager

I’m grateful for lots of things at Quester – my space heater, SAIRYFOCGAD, nupits, the ping pong table, the stupid giant Darth Vader doll who keeps getting hidden under my desk to scare me. The snacks. Oh, the snacks. But the thing I appreciate the most – and appreciate so very much – is the people I work with. Not only are they brilliant – and we have really brilliant people – they are the reason why Quester is more than just a business.

When I lost my Dad this summer, I heard from every person in the company – with a phone call, a card, flowers, a note (not most, EVERY). The Quester team took up 3 rows at a funeral that was 2 hours away from the office. And I came home to a refrigerator full of food. I still cry when I think about it and I NEVER cry. (I’m totally lying, I always cry, but still … ). When I celebrated my 20-year anniversary, they surprised me with a party that was disguised as a team building session and made a memory that I’ll cherish forever. I don’t think of them as just my co-workers, they are some of my favorite people in the world. I don’t thank them enough, but I’m thankful for them every day! – Andrea Joss, Senior Vice President – Research

I am grateful that I get to work at Quester with some of the brightest individuals in Market Research and even more grateful that I get to consider them my friends. – Patrick Arminio, Vice President – Client Services

I am thankful for Quester, because everyone that works here is truly remarkable and always looking to lend a helpful hand. This is a place where work isn’t work, but is fun and enjoyable. – Jessica Haggerty – Administrative Assistant

“It’s hard to name only a ‘few’ things that I’m grateful for at Quester, as there are honestly many! However, one thing that really stands out to me is the true sense of compassion, sincerity and respect our team has for one another. Regardless of which group or department you work in, everyone here is willing to help out in whatever aspect they can. It’s truly amazing!

Secondly, would be the flexibility that is offered to team members. As a working mom with 2 children, it can be difficult to find a good work/life balance or ANY balance at all really. So when I’m able to start the day earlier so I can leave to go to a parent/teacher conference or recital, it makes all the difference in the world. Knowing that our company wants our team to have a happy and healthy life outside the office is extremely important to me, and it doesn’t go unnoticed. Coming to Quester has been one of the best career decisions I’ve ever made and I’m truly thankful to be a part of this great team!” – Nikki Silva, Research Manager

I am thankful for the moments, coincidences, passion and determination that finally brought me to Quester where I am supported, respected and inspired to approach people with thoughtfulness and helpfulness at the core of every interaction. Also, I am thankful for the beer fridge, the wine fridge, the four kitchens stocked with snacks and soft reclining chairs for when I’ve simply outdone myself. I am cared for at Quester and therefore; I care. – Samantha Barlow, Director of Client Services

I just thought of what I am grateful for at Quester…all of these beautiful babies!!
It makes me feel good, and positive about the future, to be working with a young generation of new parents. You are a great bunch!

To those who are not parents …I don’t want to leave you out! You also make me see things in a more hopeful way. – Giulia Hamacher, Senior Research Director

I am grateful for technology for my daughter Madeline (12) who is profoundly deaf but can hear with cochlear implants. I was calling and calling her the other day to come up for dinner and found her in her room with headphones listening to music. She’s recently discovered the joyful effect of music and the song “Happy.” So now she can wear headphones and ignore her parents, just like other kids. – DeAnn Feltz, Research Analyst

I’m most thankful for (the order changes depending on circumstances):
1. Family who love me
2. Friends who care about me
3. My good health (knock on wood)
4. My good luck (also knock on wood)

Then some old chestnuts that seem to fit, no matter when.
5. Sunshiny days
6. Wild nights
7. The large margin by which Good people outnumber the Bad people
8. A great tune in the hands of a great musician
9. A great poem from the mind of a great poet

– Doug Taylor, Senior Research Manager

I am grateful for Quester because all of the employees are so nice, welcoming, and helpful whenever I work. Quester genuinely cares about each of their employees; we are a family. I love working here! – Anna Silliman, Executive Assistant


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