Every day conversations are made up of closed-end and open-end questions.

Yet traditional research designs very clearly separate them from each other. That leaves a lot of important detail on the table; detail that you really need to make a difference. Quester creates deep conversations where the qualitative is conducted by artificial intelligence. We ask the questions that need to be asked in whatever way it makes sense. That means you get the best of quantitative and qualitative marketing research methods in a single study.

Behind this futuristic technology is a strong linguistic heritage.

The company started in 1973, founded in academia and psychiatric research techniques by Dr. Charles Cleveland. The software was developed by Researchers, for Researchers, and evolved to gather more stories, more efficiently.


Robert “Lewy” Lewis brought new life to the vision of Quester in 2005 when he purchased the company.

Through his leadership, Quester remained patient and persistent while the research industry adopted the unique methodology. Quester is one of the fastest growing companies within the industry, maintaining a laser focus on developing new technology and combining it with research expertise.


  • Quester is an award-winning consumer intelligence firm that harnesses the power of human conversation, artificial intelligence technology, and expert marketing research design to yield superior understanding of consumers for clients.