What breakthrough snacking innovations should we be developing?

How do we position our upcoming snacking product launch and who should we target?

The SnackQuest Innovation platform was developed to provide the most robust knowledge of consumer jobs and narratives within the snacking category. Through 8,000 interviews, we uncovered consumer’s needs, desires, emotions, barriers, products hired, products fired and the progress they are trying to make in their lives. We start each consulting engagement analyzing the following:

  • 5 Key Need States
  • 70 Macro-Level Jobs
  • 100 Micro-Level Jobs

Quester’s Innovation consulting team delivers the following:

  • Customized report that outlines the key job opportunities
  • Immersion and prioritization workshop with key stakeholders
  • Optional creative consumer ideation sprints, concept development/refinement and testing via our SPARQ Innovation Framework.