When you need to get a pulse on the habits, practices, consumer profile and brand landscape of a target category, Category Landscape A&U provides a solid foundation for brand direction.

Quester’s unique framework provides a door into the category users’ psyche.  Through one-on-one conversations with consumers, we explore the “whys” behind the “whats” in a much deeper way than can be done with traditional methods.

This research will help you to:

  • Gain an understanding of the category users’ psyche
  • Profile category users versus non-users
  • Understand users’ habits and practices with respect to the category, including satisfaction and unfilled needs
  • Determine brand image and advantages for each competitive brand
  • Obtain awareness, trial and usage information for the competitive set
  • Get a pulse on where people buy the category
  • Inform on any newer trends impacting the category, pinpointing how they might be incorporated into product innovation and messaging
  • Discover patterns which suggest brand switching and diagnose what underlies it, through our ability to conversationally deep dive, toward “correcting” its underlying “causes”
  • Offer insights into changes in the demographics of category users and their significance for the brand
  • Summarize why consumers shop different retailers to inform category management