The average consumer is not able to develop the next big product or service innovation, but all consumers are crucial to the innovation process. The key question is, how do we deeply understand consumers’ current lives to help guide companies to create products and services that fulfill their current, future and unknown needs.

This is where the revolutionary Jobs to be Done (JTBD) concept comes into play. JTBD identifies the current jobs products are being hired for, while simultaneously identifying potential gaps for innovation and short-term positioning on base products and services. “Jobs” research uncovers the progress consumers are trying to make in a specific need/occasion, along with the struggles or barriers that prevent them from making that progress.

Quester has leveraged years of innovation research and combined it with concepts from Tony Ulwick and Clayton Christensen to develop a proprietary approach to JTBD.

The core benefits include:

  • More jobs and sub-jobs are identified through qualitative-at-scale
  • Each job is sized and profiled to give companies confidence and direction on where innovation efforts should be focused
  • New products and services may be identified through ideation sprints