Cut through the clutter with consumer-centric ideas and concepts

Quester’s QUANT + QUAL research designs enable you to leverage your customers’ own thoughts, ideas and words as the foundation for concept development. Our artificial intelligence moderator collects robust perceptions, drivers, barriers and more from hundreds of people. This enables us to confidently develop a concept that will resonate with people’s hearts and minds.

Quester offers three research solutions

1. Conquest: Building a new concept

Quester’s single-phased approach to concept development starts with fact statements that form the foundation of the idea or concept. Statements are simple, concrete and not subject to opinion.

Online conversations with consumers guide them to:

  • Assess the importance of each fact statement
  • Evaluate the meaning
  • Build it into their own understanding of the key concept elements
  • Identify how it fits into their lives

2. Concept Testing: Identifying the preferred concept

Quester’s concept testing does not rely on norms to tell you if a concept is ready. We rely on each individual person’s full thought process to not only understand purchase intent, uniqueness, etc. but also the drivers, barriers, challenges and occasions of use.

Our insights will focus on:

  • Purchase intent, uniqueness, fit with brand, etc.
  • Drivers and/or barriers quantified from consumers’ language
  • Situations and occasions of use
  • Opportunities to optimize and enhance

3. Concept Deconstruction: Analyze the effectiveness of a concept

We start with the struggling concept and provide a diagnosis of each component to guide your creative partners.

Online conversations with consumers guide them to reveal:

  • What stands out, what’s missing or doesn’t make sense
  • What really drives purchase intent
  • Which benefits make the strongest emotional connections
  • How consumers articulate each component
The Quester QUANT + QUAL Solution :
When you know WHY people behave the way they do, it makes every decision easier.