A simple-to-use, yet powerful software solution to help you quickly code, analyze and report your customer text and verbatim responses.

Quickly dive into the real meaning of responses with our DIY solutions

The greatest challenge of analyzing large quantities of verbatim data is to cut to the key stories while accounting for the complex and subtle nuances inherent in the English language. CoreText Analytics — Quester’s Do-It-Yourself software solution — solves for this challenge, bringing the most representative responses in your data set quickly to the surface.

A key ingredient in our secret sauce

Quester researchers rely on CoreText every day to conduct our award-winning research. The software is powered by language dictionaries developed over the past 30 years by Quester linguists. In a matter of minutes, CoreText can take hundreds, even thousands of verbatim responses and produce a report that highlights the most prevalent themes and ideas within an entire data set — according to the real meaning of the responses. This report provides the crucial starting point for analysts’ deep-dive into data.

CoreText makes it easy to code, analyze, quantify and rank key themes across a data set — as a whole or by segment. Reports generated by the software are easy to consume, navigate, and share.

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