People are the keys to new ideas

At Quester we recognize that the average person is not able to tell you the next big product, service, or idea to develop. Our approach is focused on collecting QUANT + QUAL at scale around pain points, challenges, barriers, remedies, at-home solutions, and more. Our team analyzes to not only identify the largest number of mentions, but also the low-frequency, high-impact insights.

Quester offers multiple research solutions :

1. Unmet Needs/Jobs to be Done

Understanding the job brands accomplish for consumers is key to growth. Utilizing Quester’s proprietary AI, a qualitative design is conducted across hundreds or thousands of consumers. When conducted at scale, Quester is able to identify the specific occasions and jobs that brands are addressing. Quester’s team of linguistic analysts focuses on the nuances of the language to identify potential new solutions and current gaps. We understand that it isn’t always the top mentions that matter most, but also the low-frequency, high-impact insights.

2. Idea Screening

Traditional idea screening identifies the specific ideas that resonate with consumers, but lacks true understanding of the drivers. Quester’s QUANT + QUAL approach not only screens ideas through quantitative designs, but also uncovers the full context around the idea itself.

Quester’s idea screening delivers :

  • Identification of the top performing ideas
  • Deep understanding of what the idea means to people and the impact in their lives
  • Potential needs and occasions of use
  • Ideation that improves or further develops the idea
The Quester QUANT + QUAL Solution :
When you know WHY people behave the way they do, it makes every decision easier.