The moment of truth: connect with consumers at home or in the store

Quester’s strategic and technology partnership with MFour Mobile Solutions enables us to deliver the industry’s only scalable QUANT+ QUAL mobile research solution. Quester’s artificial intelligence technology coupled with MFour’s Surveys on the Go® application delivers deeper data and insights gathered from consumer interviews conducted at the most critical points in the shopping process.

Quester’s mobile hybrid designs include:

  • In-store intercepts and mission trips to gauge the impact of end cap displays, shelf sets and promotions during the shopping journey
  • Product testing to gather in-the-moment feedback on first use and changes in consumer perception and satisfaction over a period of time
  • Ethnographies in-the-home or on-the-go to identify unmet needs, challenges and pain points
  • Pulse custom research to answer pressing questions in less than a week

The Quester QUANT + QUAL Solution :
When you know WHY people behave the way they do, it makes every decision easier.