Map the full consumer journey from catalyst to checkout

“Path to purchase” maps the consumer journey and identifies critical points of influence. Quester’s multi-phased research design reconstructs buying decisions by studying people’s stories and words.

During Phase 1, leveraging our artificial intelligence moderator, we ask hundreds or thousands of shoppers open ended, probing questions to fully understand each consumer’s non-linear path to purchase.

Phase 2 consists of a robust quantitative design that incorporates all of the potential non-linear paths to deeply understand the journey specific to retailers, channels, and more.

Quester path-to-purchase studies deliver:

  • 360-degree systematic process of what influences decisions
  • A model of changes that take place and the environmental influences for each
  • Conversations with probing questions examining the what AND the why at each stage
The Quester QUANT + QUAL Solution :
When you know WHY people behave the way they do, it makes every decision easier.