Hit the bullseye with each customer segment:
Learn how — and what — to communicate

People are more complex than demographics and psychographics — effective marketing starts with understanding the experiences, ideas, feelings and perceptions around your product or service. Quester segmentation studies utilize people’s own language and ideas to provide a roadmap for more effective and relevant branding, product development and advertising.

Too often, companies rely on segmentations and typing tools that don’t quite hit the mark with their consumers. Quester’s Explor and Ogilvy award-winning QUANT + QUAL approach to segmentation is differentiated by :

  • Segments that are defined based on both closed-ended data and consumer language rather than
    pre-determined attitudinal statements
  • A focus on the nuance of language that is often missed with traditional segmentation methods
  • Robust quantitative sizing and profiling along with rich qualitative data that reveals how and what to
    communicate to each segment

Our two-phased approach to segmentation :

Phase 1

  • Leveraging our artificial intelligence moderator, hundreds or thousands of people are interviewed
  • Respondents have full reign to share their thoughts, needs, wants, opinions, feelings, perceptions and more
  • Trained linguistic analysts conduct language-based cluster analysis to identify segments

Phase 2

  • Each segment is fully sized and profiled simultaneously
  • Commonalities and differences between segments are clearly identified
  • Recommendations on the need for differentiated products, services and/or messaging are provided
The Quester QUANT + QUAL Solution :
When you know WHY people behave the way they do, it makes every decision easier.