The Impact of Lower Gasoline Prices on U.S. Small Businesses

Crude oil prices have fallen over recent months, bringing relief to consumers all over the country. This study explores the positive impact of lower crude oil prices from another angle: that of small and medium sized businesses.

This study surveyed 150 owners of small and medium businesses (SMBs) who had been positively impacted by fallen crude oil prices. The survey ran from December 26, 2014 to January 2nd, 2015 with the objective of answering three questions: 1) How have fallen crude oil prices impacted their businesses, overall?; 2) What has the business been able to accomplish as a result of lower crude oil prices that would not have otherwise been realized?; and 3) What is the outlook for 2015 crude oil prices?

The “Top Five Takeaways” is provided on page 5.

Bringing Facebook Personas to Life

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Family Dinner Project

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Health and Wellness

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The Impact of the Government Shutdown on Voters

This case study digs into voter perceptions of the government shutdown (2013). We surveyed 300 people in total (100 of each Democrats, Independents and Republicans) to see how their views differed in who was to blame, how they were personally affected, what could have been differently, and the impact on future elections. The results of this study provides relevant talking points to future candidates and strategies for winning the hearts of their constituents.