More effective, more meaningful and more personal marketing starts with a segmentation. But you already knew that.

Unlike many segmentation studies, Quester’s approach recognizes that people are connected beyond demographics and psychographics. Other ties like experiences, thoughts, feelings, and perceptions also connect people.

Too often, however, large-scale and important segmentation studies rely on small scale qualitative to form the battery of questions in Phase 2. Traditional segmentations, while they may be grounded in some qualitative, are not based on your market as whole.

While you would get a segmentation with a high degree statistical confidence from Phase 2, the inputs from Phase 1 may have missed key nuances in your market. Those nuances drive effective marketing and the success and legacy of your market research segmentation study.

Our award-winning approach leverages computational linguistics to find clusters in large-scale qualitative – in Phase 1. We find groups through the ways people explain their experiences, thoughts, and feelings about a brand, a product, a category, or an experience through their own words.

Strategic research designers work to create a discussion that will allow segments to unfold through conversation. Leveraging Quester’s proprietary natural-language processing software, trained language analysts identify groups within the dataset and create a typing tool that’s used in Phase 2 and future studies. Phase 2 research is less about identifying groups as it is about providing additional profiling details and market sizing.

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Qualitative Exploratory

We qualitatively identify groups of people within the context of your category based on needs, wants, perceptions, or uses (depending on the objective).

Quantitative Segmentation

Adding other metrics and greater scale, we validate and expand upon the qualitative segments.

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