About our Software-Based Interviewer

When we developed the technology we saw the need to hear and listen to more consumers. We understood that emergence of the internet would change consumer behaviors, and providing our clients the ability to capture these more efficiently would provide them a competitive edge.

Grounded in psychiatric interviewing principles and natural language processing we created Socrates®, our interviewing software. It operates one-to-one with respondents online or via mobile device through a chat conversation. We ask the initial question, and our software then analyzes the response from the consumer simultaneously. Through a proprietary process, we are able to identify the key ideas within the response, and follow-up with a probe that uses their own natural language.

Our research team builds the interview laddering questions together, while intermixing the intelligent based probing to peel back the layers with the consumer and uncover their thoughts, ideas, emotions, etc. Like a human moderator, the interviewing software can be trained to follow-up with specific questions based on a response provided by the consumer.

The software allows clients to reach a large audience, in a short amount of time, in one or several languages. It engages respondents in a real conversation and gives them the option to leverage or test videos, graphics and other stimuli, at their convenience, 24/7.

About Quester’s Advanced Analytic Engine

The interviewing software allows us to conduct qualitative or quali-quant studies with hundreds to thousands of consumers. The large amount of data produced from these interviews are then analyzed by our trained linguistic research team. Leveraging a proprietary software called Aristotle®, we are able to accurately identify key ideas within the overall dataset.

Aristotle® is a software program used for data analysis and data mining; it dissects the most frequently stated phrases and allows for the tangible creation of information trend modeling.

While Quester’s focus is on the qualitative insights revealed in the data, our tools add the ability to provide quantitative support for the qualitative learning’s. The quantification is performed by our analysts using Aristotle®, goes beyond coding, by identifying the themes in data and bucketing ideas in a way that not only makes sense, but that is data driven.

Our analysts dissect the consumer language to understand their stories and help explain the prevalence and interconnections of functional and emotional benefits. In doing so, we look for not only what customers are saying, but how they are saying it, how often they are saying it, and what difference it makes.

With technology advancements in mind, we have developed an Application Programming Interface (API) so that innovative software designers can extend the vision of our software. Contact us with ideas!