Scale. While our software moderator allows us to increase the number of respondents to quantitative sample size, our trained linguists and proprietary analytic software platform enable us to quickly and efficiently identify key themes, ideas and interconnections throughout an entire data set.

Depth. Because our technology is sophisticated, the benefits are two-fold:

      1. the interviewing phase allows us to probe deep into a respondent’s thought process;
      2. our analytic platform is designed to perform intricate linguistic analysis to peel back the layers and get to the core insights.

Here is how our analytical platform works.

Did you know? Internal studies indicate the quality of data increases using this technology vs. having to sift through the verbatims manually.

Access. Survey Delivery Methods.

We make our technology accessible on Mobile, Tablets, PC’s or Macs. Survey respondents are not responsible for finding technology to meet our delivery model, Quester’s delivery model was developed with all end client technologies in mind.