Nichole Clinkinbeard

As the resident psychology nerd, Nichole has to know the meaning behind everything … every statement, every decision, even every facial expression – which drives her husband nuts! Nichole leads a team of brilliant minds with mad language skills to help clients become psychology and language nerds through understanding their consumers. She wants to help clients make their products shine. She loves it when clients are shocked by our work and our brilliance!She also loves the people she works with - all brilliant, all different from one another. A melting pot of brilliant minds, who also happen to be super cool and fun!Nichole loves to be creative both in work and her personal life. Interior Design is a passion and she always has a project she is working on in her home or a friend’s (it is much more fun to spend someone else’s money!). She loves DIY projects, sky-diving and tattoos (is a secret bad-ass wannabe), and she adores the Iowa Hawkeyes, even though she lives in the heart of Husker territory! But… nothing compares to her family. She has three beautiful daughters (no, she will not be trying for a boy) and is married to a wonderful man, who cooks (which is great, because she prefers power tools over kitchen utensils)!