Sharing Quester’s Approach with MBA Candidates at the University of Iowa

Quester was honored to have been invited to present to the Marketing Academy students at the University of Iowa’s Henry B. Tippie School of Management in February. Sharing our methodology with the future leaders in the field is a huge opportunity for Quester, and it’s also a great way to give back, and promote the importance of lifelong learning.
Mark A. Winkler, Business Director for the Marketing Academy, MBA, shared the following thoughts on what led him to include Quester in this year’s speaker line-up:

“One of the favorite components of my role as Business Director, Marketing MBA is to invite speakers from organizations that excel in a chosen marketing field. We were delighted to learn that less than 100-miles from our campus sits these really big brains at Quester! We were intrigued to learn Quester has created an integrated (man and computer/technology) approach to acquiring actionable insights. My first question was “how can this possibly work?”
Any professional marketer will tell you that one of if not the biggest challenges they face is organizing, managing, maintaining, and trusting the processes surrounding collection of qualitative data aimed at understanding customer sentiments and preferences in a changing marketplace.

The best way to find out if Quester really has something that works is to invite them in to present their system and answer questions from twenty five plus MBA Marketing Candidates used to getting at the truth.

Andrea Richards and Nichole Clinkinbeard came in and provided us with a 90-minute session outlining how, when, and where Quester best fits and how it (exactly) addresses the major obstacles facing firms such as not having enough time, money, or resources to complete qualitative research marketing research. All questions and challenges were patiently and completely addressed.

Quester shows there are endless ways to combine man and technology to improve our business processes and knowledge. Quester’s Socrates model is not another technology solution chasing a problem to solve. It is a potential solution for one of your biggest challenges.”

Chris Majekodunmi, a Tippie MBA student who attended the presentation, also took the opportunity to have a chat with Socrates using one of the demo interviews on our website. Chris found the conversation to be “engaging.” He added, “It did feel like I was in a chat room with a real person the other end. I felt like Socrates® was listening to me.” He shared additional thoughts on his experience in a recent blog post entitled “My Conversation with Socrates.”

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