CNBC’s Power Lunch Profiles Quester Report on Impact of Lower Oil Prices on U.S. Businesses

With the dramatic decline over the past few months of crude oil prices CNBC wanted to dedicate its Power Lunch program on the impact those prices have had on both the U.S. economy and businesses. CNBC connected with Quester to produce a first-of-its-kind industry report that focused on the impact those prices have had on owners of small to mid-size business owners. Within two weeks Quester completed its report, which went far beyond the traditional means of market research by using a combination of technologies and processes, including linguistic analysts, to glean over all the data that was collected from the business owners that were surveyed.

The following CNBC broadcast segment and online story, titled “Low Fuel Prices Lift Main Street Businesses,” was produced around the entirety of the Quester research report. To view the report itself, please click here.


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