Quester Enters the Metaverse

DES MOINES, IA, April 1, 2022 — Quester is proud to announce the purchase of land in Decentraland with the intent to open the first of its kind, state-of-the-art, qualitative research facility. Located in the shopping district of Fashion Street, this new facility will allow Quester to research consumer behavior and brand perceptions like never before.

Responding from the veranda at Snoop Dogg’s Metaverse mansion, Quester President Tim Hoskins had this to say about the new direction:

“Quester has always had its pulse on the future of research. At our founding, we were looking to linguistics as being the next step in finding better insights for brands. In the early 2000s, we launched market research’s first AI moderator to help us gather consumers’ opinions at scale. The Metaverse is the next natural frontier for us to pioneer. With the growth of the Metaverse and the ability to engage consumers in a different way, it’s only natural that we look to help our clients in a new environment.”

Currently being coded and designed, the Quester Metaverse Facility (QMF) will have several client-friendly features. Upon entering the facility, guests and research participants will be greeted by an AI-backed receptionist Alex. Alex will be able to help research respondents settle into one of the six conference spaces that will be utilized. These spaces will have interactive whiteboards, digital magazines for ideation, and the ability to record and review sessions. Live translation will be available for multi-country studies.

QMF will be a client feature-focused facility and will offer several high-class amenities. These amenities include: a meditation area, salt-water float pods for relaxation, sleep pods complete with Sleep Number mattresses, and a deluxe pet hotel so you never need to leave your furry friend behind.

The QMF will also offer a variety of dining options. Clients will have access to any of the 5-Star Michelin restaurants available in the Metaverse. They will have access to QMF’s very own sommelier to help with food and wine pairings. If they are looking to save time, clients can order from QMF’s in-house chef who will offer a daily farm-to-table menu. In addition, there will be a self-serve soft  ice cream machine that will be functional 24/7/365. All the food and beverage is free of cost.

Finally, one of the most exciting areas will be Quester’s NFT Brand Hall of Fame where Quester can showcase its clients’ most successful NFT offerings.

“NFTs are the trading cards for today’s consumers. Having a dedicated area where we can showcase our clients’ new products and celebrate their successes will be an area for inspiration.” Hoskins added.

Pricing for research at QMF is still TBD, but an announcement is expected in the summer nearing the facility’s grand opening.

Quester hopes everyone has a fantastic April 1st and we look forward to helping with all your research needs (either here or in the Metaverse).


  • Patrick Arminio

    As VP of Client Services and Content, Patrick helps clients identify actionable research opportunities to help drive their business results. He is also the self-appointed Minister of Fun.

    Despite missing half of the decade, Patrick loves all things 80’s. Hair bands, power ballads, MacGyver and Mullets…talk about a Golden Era! Coincidentally, he has a very patient and accommodating wife. Summer is his favorite season…sun’s out, guns out!

    Patrick’s favorite thing about Quester is the people. Some of the smartest people in the industry work here. Their passion for language and research is obvious in every project we do. We’re all one big happy family – some would say we are closer than the Tanner’s from Full House.

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