Each year Quester employees engage in friendly Holiday competition from Halloween until the end of the Holidays. In 2013 we carved pumpkins, competed in a foosball tournament and held a bake off at our Annual Holiday Party. However, 2013’s biggest tradition held at the Quester office was the TAIRYFOCGAD.

What does this odd acronym stand for, you might ask? Well, it stands for Third Annual Interoffice Rip Your Face-Off Competitive Giving Away Day. TAIRYFOCGAD started in 2011 with FAIRYGOCGAD (the First Annual Interoffice Rip Your Face-Off Competitive Giving Away Day), in 2012 we had SAIRYGOCGAD (the Second Annual Interoffice Rip Your Face-Off Competitive Giving Away Day), TAIRYFOCGAD in 2013 , then FAIRYGOCGAD (the Fourth Annual Interoffice Rip Your Face-Off Competitive Giving Away Day) again in 2014.

While you may think this event sounds terribly dangerous, it is a philanthropic event we participate in to provide Christmas gifts for an Iowan family experiencing financial struggles.

First, Quester “adopts” a qualifying family from a local program, to provide gifts and resources the family doesn’t have extra money for. In order to best fulfill the Christmas wishes, the office divides into teams of four to five people. Each team is given a Visa card with a set amount of money to use for a specific family member (parents and kids). After each team has selected their family member, we head out on the town for a shopping spree. Once the spree is finished, Quester comes together to determine the winning shopping team – based on who was able to save the most, who had the best WOW factor gift, who best fulfilled that family members wish list and who did the best overall. While the winning team gets TAIRYFOCGAD bragging rights for the year, in our eyes each team wins – because we know we added to a deserving family’s holiday.

Quester may be a Market Research company but we are far more than just a Market Research company. We are a company who cares about the community and what we can do for others. Spending a half day of work to participate in the TAIRYFOCGAD not only provided Christmas gifts for a family but also gave us time to spend together, as individuals. Quester believes in building a strong community inside the office as well as outside.


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