2011 Charles E. Cleveland Employee of the Year

Quester’s holiday party was held last week, and the highlight of the evening was the annual awards presentation, emceed by Quester’s Director of Research, Andrea Joss. Every year, Quester presents the Charles E. Cleveland Employee of the Year award to honor outstanding achievement. The award is given based on the votes of all employees, to recognize an individual who has made a stellar contribution to the company over the last year.

The awards presentation included a series of speciality awards ranging from “The IQ Award: To Recognize the Individual with the Giant-est Brain” to “The Aim High Award: For Work Above and Beyond the Call” as well as the “As-Soon-As-You-Can-Get-That-To-Me Award: To Recognize Excellence Behind the Scenes.” In Andrea’s words:

“While we want to recognize individual achievement, it is important to acknowledge the fact that Quester is truly a team. We are lucky to have such an intelligent, talented and dedicated group of employees – everyone here brings something unique to the group and is a huge asset to our company. We deeply value every person here, and in that spirit, we wanted to spend some time recognizing this fantastic group of people.”

After sharing details on the factors that resulted in each of the unique specialty awards, the coveted Charles E. Cleveland Employee of the Year award was presented. Honorable mention awards were presented to finalists Tim Hoskins, Vice President of Client Relations, and John Mertens, General Manager. And based on the votes, this year’s recipient was Quester’s Operations Manager, Eric Henderson. Andrea shared the following compilation of comments on Eric’s work as the award was presented:

“Eric is methodical, hard working, smart and incredibly, incredibly capable. He’s shown tremendous growth over the last year and can handle pretty much anything. Make foreign languages happen? Sure. Run complex statistics? No problem. Learn and implement a new survey platform? ‘k. Efficiently gather a sample of farmers or insurance brokers or nursing home administrators and coordinate with the vendor to make sure it happens on time and on budget? Yeah, all right. He’s super duper intelligent and educated at what he does and we are very, very lucky to have him.”

The Charles E. Cleveland Award is named in honor of Quester’s founder, Dr. Charles Cleveland, who passed away in 2005. Charles created Quester’s disciplined analytic approach to language, and spearheaded the development of Socrates and Aristotle. He instilled in his team a sense of pride in our work, and the passion to continually advance our methodology. It is this spirit and passion that we recognize in the recipients of the Charles E. Cleveland award, and we are proud to extend this year’s honor to Eric Henderson.


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