Quester AI Moderator Introduced as an Alexa Skill, Breaking New Ground in Marketing Research

Quester continues to push new industry boundaries with the recent launch of a new Alexa skill which allows the company to conduct one-on-one interviews with consumers via voice in households with smart speakers.

In partnership with Conagra Brands, Quester recently completed a pilot program in which the Alexa skill was used to talk to consumers in their homes about their food experiences.

Quester’s linguistically-trained, AI-backed software moderator emulates a human moderator and operates on the voice platform as it does online, engaging consumers in one-on-one conversations that dig deep into their mindset. The software moderator delivers open-ended questions, then processes and analyzes the respondent’s language to deliver contextual probing follow-up questions.  The technology allows researchers to collect rich, qualitative insights from hundreds, even thousands of consumers in a matter of days.  Interviews are analyzed and quantified by Quester’s team of linguistic analysts.

Thatcher Schulte, Conagra Brands Sr. Director of Predictive Sciences commissioned the project.  “We’re always looking for ways to utilize breakthrough techniques. In the future, voice assistants like Alexa may be ordering our groceries for us – it’s imperative for our business to think about how we can use consumer technologies to connect with the people.  The skill was effective in demonstrating that people will chat with the assistant on any topic you might want to cover. “

Tim Hoskins, Quester President adds, “Thanks to our forward-thinking partners at Conagra, we broke new ground with this project to become the first company to conduct consumer interviews utilizing an AI-backed moderator on a voice platform. Without a doubt, voice is the future of our industry. Quester was ahead of the times with our AI-backed moderator, and we’re out in front once again with the introduction of this Alexa skill.”

The Quester Alexa skill can be accessed with the command, “Alexa, open Quester Conversation.”

Demonstration videos are also available:

About Quester

Quester is a consumer intelligence company that believes in understanding people as people and not just as consumers. Quester researchers leverage an award-winning artificial intelligence backed software moderator to develop one-on-one conversations, blending qualitative and quantitative into a single phase conducted at scale (quantitative sample sizes). Marketing scientists and linguistic analysts collaborate to produce a comprehensive analysis that goes beyond data to bring a full and complete story to life. With offices in Des Moines, IA and Chicago, Quester has conducted thousands of studies for companies across the globe, including many on the Fortune 500 list. For more information, visit

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Lisa Baker
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Tim Hoskins


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