27 Inspiring Podcasts in Marketing Research, Insights, Data, and Storytelling

A lot has changed since we reviewed the podcast landscape last year. A few podcasts have disappeared and a number of excellent new ones have been launched. Browse through this updated list to find your new favorites!

  1. Audible Insights: In-depth, insightful conversations that inform and inspire from the Insights Association.
  2. Behind the Data: Behind the Data takes you inside the world of market research, discussing current and future topics and trends in the industry. Euromonitor International’s Peter Kosmal sits down with bright minds in market research to talk about their experiences.
  3. Conversations for Research Rockstars: Hosted weekly by Kathryn Korostoff, this podcast offers conversations and guest lectures on market research methods, analysis optimization, career trends, and anything else related to advancing customer insights.
  4. Data Able: Inspiring stories from real customer, data and product champions. Hear from experts across the world as they share what it takes to harness data in order to deliver better insights, products and services.
  5. Data Gurus: Hosted by Sima Vasa, the Data Gurus Podcast brings you a real life perspective on what’s happening in the data industry and how successful companies and individuals in this niche navigate through the sea of change.
  6. Data Skeptic: The Data Skeptic Podcast features interviews and discussion of topics related to data science, statistics, machine learning, artificial intelligence and the like, all from the perspective of applying critical thinking and the scientific method to evaluate the veracity of claims and efficacy of approaches.
  7. Data Viz Today: Host and data viz designer Alli Torban is in the trenches with you sharing the latest tools and methods she’s discovered. If you’re an analyst, journalist, or designer who wants to hone your skills with specific tactics, then this show could be just what you need.
  8. Engagious: Podcast featuring conversations with professionals making an impact at the crossroads of branding, content creation, storytelling, and market research. Hosted by Engagious CEO David Paull.
  9. Happy Market Research Podcast: Hosted by Jamin Brazil, Happy Market Research interviews today’s top minds in market research including GoDaddy, LinkedIn, and Adobe about tech and industry trends.
  10. Hidden Brain: Shankar Vedantam uses science and storytelling to reveal the unconscious patterns that drive human behavior, shape our choices and direct our relationships.
  11. In the Name of Insight: Patricia Dominguez and Lauren Raby set out to democratize the world of insights by bringing expert voices to the table each month and discussing current topics relevant for the industry and society.
  12. Insightrix Podcast: Hosted by Duncan McGregor, the Insightrix podcast offers informative stories and entertaining narratives that exist within the field of market research. They interview research and business leaders across the country and internationally on B2B market research issues of interest to market research and marketing firms, marketers, business leaders, social scientists, public policy makers, business and academic researchers and anyone else with an interest in the field.
  13. Intellicast: From EMI Research, join host Brian Lamar as he discusses the research industry from a vendor perspective, as well as current trends and happenings in the industry, upcoming events, and interviews with other industry professionals.
  14. MR Realities: MR Realities is a series of podcasts where Dave McCaughan and Kevin Gray discuss a wide range of topics important to marketing researchers with special guests. They ask guests questions you would want to ask, not just what they’re interested in. They let guests speak for themselves – no censorship.
  15. MRXplorer: Friends Kristina and Z venture together to explore topics in and related to market research. Join them as they discuss everything from the day-to-day of an insights pro, the dynamics between “brand-side” and “vendor-side” research, and more. Let’s explore this world of market research together!
  16. The New Mainstream Podcast: Brought to you by ThinkNow.
  17. On the M/A/R/C: A podcast with executives and thought leaders, sharing insights, strategies and their personal experiences in the business world. Hosted by Merrill Dubrow.
  18. Outside In: Hosted by Charles Trevail, Outside In explores how consumers are changing and how companies are changing with them. Charles interviews executives, journalists, authors, and thinkers, exploring the customer-centric strategies and philosophies that are working successfully inside companies, and the consumer trends, industry disruptions, and cultural forces that are influencing business from the outside.
  19. Ponderings From The Perch: Conversations with Priscilla McKinney, founder and President of Little Bird Marketing, in which she discusses a range of topics from marketing best practices, the “stunning discomfort” of entrepreneurship, market research, her love of the autoharp, and other marketing oddities.
  20. PRS In Vivo: The PRS IN VIVO Podcast brings the latest insights on consumer behavior, industry trends and innovative solutions from market research experts.
  21. Real People With Jason Dunstone: Hosted by Jason Dunstone, the founder and managing director of Square Holes, learn from his 25 years of conducting human-centered research, interviewing average and not so average people to understand what they believe and how they behave. Key themes include consumer insights, market research, design thinking, innovation, culture, trends and much more.
  22. Research Business DAILY Report: Your daily dose of news, insights and commentary in the Market Research industry from Bob Lederer, a 25-year veteran.
  23. RIDE Podcast: An innovation-focused podcast to advance the market research and insights industries, brought to you by Adam Jolley & Adam Dietrich.
  24. Shoppernomics: Shoppernomics is for marketing and insights professionals who want to stay current on the latest understanding of consumer behavior and decision making. Each month, Phil McGee interviews authors of books and academic papers that feature new insights on influences of Shopper behavior.
  25. Storytelling with Data: The storytelling with data podcast from bestselling author, speaker and workshop guru, Cole Nussbaumer Knaflic, covers topics related to data storytelling, better presentations, and all things data viz. There is a story in your data—get the skills and power to tell it!
  26. Talking Insights: ESOMAR bridges the gap between the research and insights sector, and the world around it. Join them on a journey of discovery, as they bring together guests from across the board to talk about the biggest questions of today, diving deeper into the challenges that face our society, and uncover new insights about the world around us.
  27. Voices of Customer Experience: Voices of CX is a weekly podcast hosted by Worthix CMO and Editor in Chief of the Voices of CX Blog, Mary Drumond. Topics focus on technological innovations in data science, market research and surveys; behavioral analytics and design; the implementation of Artificial Intelligence for marketing platforms, and how all these factors are revolutionizing the way companies dialogue and deliver memorable experiences to their customers.


  • Tim Hoskins

    As President of Quester, Tim Hoskins leads a talented team of researchers, developers, and strategists who are redefining the strategy and insights industry.

    Under his leadership, Quester has won numerous business impact awards including multiple Ogilvy Awards and EXPLOR Awards. He has been instrumental in the development of award winning creative campaigns, breakthrough product innovations, and successful product launches.

    Tim currently serves as Past-Chairman of the Board for the Insights Association, Co-Chair of the national Corporate Researchers Conference, and on the Indico Labs board of directors.

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