This Rice Unites/Este Arroz Ya Nos Unió wins Silver Ogilvy Award in the Multicultural Category from the ARF

We are pleased to congratulate Mahatma Rice on receiving a Silver award in the Multicultural Category from the Advertising Research Foundation. As one of their strategic research partners, the team at Quester was happy to help them discover the necessary insights to build a successful campaign.

Our goal is always to harness the power of consumer conversation, expert research design, and strategy development to help our clients yield winning results for their business. This fascinating study was no different.

Despite being a leading brand, Mahatma Rice lacked excitement, had an aging consumer profile, and needed to revitalize and reintroduce the brand to younger Hispanics.

Quester’s unique research methodology, which combines an artificial intelligence moderator with quantitative and linguistic experts, helped Mahatma discover a key insight: Hispanic Millennials needed help exploring the flavors they crave while gaining the confidence to cook as skillfully as their parents.

To reach this insight, we first conducted a total market consumer segmentation supported by a Hispanic rice consumer deep dive. The market consumer segmentation helped to develop, identify, and understand the segments, and determined which segments provided the best opportunities for each Riviana brand category based on size, purchase frequency, etc.

Second, a qualitative layer was added to develop an understanding of who these consumers are and qualitatively profile each group to bring the segment to life. The hybrid qual/quant study was conducted online as a 35-minute survey with a sample size of 2,400 respondents.

The Hispanic rice consumer segment analysis included a Hispanic read-out of segment findings and –importantly – included a deep dive into the qualitative statements and verbatims that added texture and provided the basis for the strategic development and the key consumer insight.

In addition to other significant improvements for the brand, the campaign increased overall brand awareness among Hispanic consumers from 46% to 55%, with increases among both Spanish-dominant Hispanic consumers (40% to 63%) and English-dominant Hispanic consumers (47% to 53%).  Mahatma Rice enjoyed the largest awareness increase in 2019 at a time when most rice brands (including market leader Uncle Ben) lost awareness to private labels.

Please read the full case study on the ARF’s website. You can also check out the YouTube video in Spanish or the same video in English.

ARF David Ogilvy Awards honor the research- and analytics-driven insights that lead to successful ad campaigns. They pay tribute to the late David Ogilvy who was steadfast in his belief in the power of research behind effective advertising.


About Quester

Quester is an award-winning strategy and insights firm that clients trust to answer their high priority questions and deliver insights that drive business results. We leverage a proprietary artificial intelligence moderator that conducts multi-lingual qualitative research on a quantitative scale. Quester’s unique methodology, combined with research expertise, yields superior consumer understanding in areas such as Jobs to Be Done backed Innovation, Concept Development, Linguistic Segmentation, Brand Positioning, and Consumer Journey Mapping.

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  • Tim Hoskins

    As President of Quester, Tim Hoskins leads a talented team of researchers, developers, and strategists who are redefining the strategy and insights industry.

    Under his leadership, Quester has won numerous business impact awards including multiple Ogilvy Awards and EXPLOR Awards. He has been instrumental in the development of award winning creative campaigns, breakthrough product innovations, and successful product launches.

    Tim currently serves as Past-Chairman of the Board for the Insights Association, Co-Chair of the national Corporate Researchers Conference, and on the Indico Labs board of directors.

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