A True Linguistic Analysis

Language is one of the most powerful tools we have as human beings. It gives us the power to express our hopes, thoughts, fears, opinions and much more. In the Insights Industry, the focus on the way people phrase their experiences and opinions has largely been limited to traditional qualitative interactions.

With the emergence of technologies that allow us to capture conversations at scale, it is time that we as an industry begin to focus on conversations as the valuable asset that they are. By analyzing conversations as data, we are able to keep the focus of understanding respondents as people. However, not all analysis of conversations is created equal.

Quester believes that the only way to achieve deeper insights from conversations is to conduct a True Linguistic Analysis through a bottom-up approach. This analysis goes beyond word counts and coding by key themes and examines the specific language structure that people use to talk about their reality. Allowing people to express themselves naturally gives us the ability to organically understand them. When a disciplined approach is taken, this allows for the combination of conversational data and traditional data to be combined for advanced analytics.

To understand what a True Linguistic Analysis is (and what it isn’t) we have developed a resource guide that we hope you will find useful. Download it here.


  • Patrick Arminio

    As VP of Client Services and Content, Patrick helps clients identify actionable research opportunities to help drive their business results. He is also the self-appointed Minister of Fun.

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    Patrick’s favorite thing about Quester is the people. Some of the smartest people in the industry work here. Their passion for language and research is obvious in every project we do. We’re all one big happy family – some would say we are closer than the Tanner’s from Full House.

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