So yeah, we did some research

Not the most exciting introduction. But, we think the results were pretty cool. There was an interesting development on the day of our presentation.

For background, Socrates, our interviewing software has been moderating interviews since 2001. He’s conducted more than 3 million conversations and up until this May, they had all been done in English. In spring of this year we decided to forge into three new languages: Spanish, French and German. As an aside, we did so without much thought on everything we would need to do – and for anyone going into a new endeavor, the most important thing is just to start. That way you don’t worry about what you haven’t done.

In any case, on the day of our presentation, we heard from one of our clients interested in using our software. Her stakeholder was concerned about Spanish speakers in the US. Would they be cool with talking to a computer? Fortune! In our first test of the software, we found a beautiful fact: Spanish speakers LOVE talking to a computer.

In all, Spanish speakers in the US and Mexico had the longest interviews and on average wrote more words than all English speaking Americans, French Canadians, French Frenchians and Germans. Spanish speakers are intensely open and interested in telling you more than you can imagine. Now, as researchers we are cautious, it was only one test – but we’re quickly moving into three new live tests with clients. So, we will update as learn more. You can learn about more of our metrics by reviewing the webinar presentation here.

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  • Andrea Joss

    Andrea loves Quester – and not just like she loves ice cream – real love, in her heart. To AJ, Quester is special because it’s full of people with giant brains who care deeply about their work and each other. Every day is different, there’s always something going on and there are always big ideas. AJ also feels it’s important to note that the people of Quester are - individually and collectively - hilarious.As Senior Vice President of Research, she makes sure that the work we do is great, that we stay creative in our designs and tools, that our approaches are top notch, and that we have all of the fun (and also snacks. Including ice cream).AJ’s fun fact is that she has four kids who are seventeen years apart in age – she finds them unique, inspiring and amazing and she will absolutely tell you all about them whenever she sees you (glad you asked!). She also has a fantastic husband who lets her pretend to be the nice one but is really the most patient man in the Greater Metro Area. She secretly aspires to write a novel in her free time, but watches Property Brothers instead.

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