Quester Hires Joy Boggio to Lead Social Narrative Capabilities

We’re excited to announce the extension of our award-winning insights department to include Social Narratives and the hiring of industry veteran Joy Boggio to lead the initiative.

For decades, Quester has specialized in linguistic analysis on data collected from both traditional qualitative and online qualitative surveys. These same linguistic analysis techniques are now being applied to aggregated, unprompted online consumer conversations which Quester will collect, analyze, and deliver to clients as Social Narratives.

As Quester president Tim Hoskins explains, “Many organizations have social analytics/listening capabilities, however, there are true differences in what Quester’s Social Narrative research provides. Whereas social analytics emphasize measuring and tracking social media metrics, and social listening monitors what people are saying about a brand or product, Quester Social Narratives go one step further by discovering broad consumer behavioral insights that emerge through the stories found on forums, blogs, message boards, and review and social sites. The narratives Joy and her team will deliver to clients will encapsulate perceptions, emotions, experiences, and more to help inform and drive their research and business decisions.”

Formerly Vice President of Client Delivery for LRWMotiveQuest, Joy brings experience and a passion for developing a differentiated and deeper approach to traditional social listening research. She will work alongside Quester’s Client Strategy and Research teams to strategize total custom solutions for clients that combine Social Narratives with Quester’s asking-based research solutions.

“Quester has a long-standing tradition of AI-enabled linguistic analysis that tells consumers’ stories. We’re building on this foundation to create social narratives derived from aggregated unprompted organic conversations from forums and blogs. Looking at these discussions through AI-enabled linguistic technology, skilled strategists uncover consumer behavior that enhances and informs existing/current research, immerses client and team in category/brand perception, and highlights consumer language, wants, needs and wishes. I’ve always believed that social listening could do more by being part of a full-bodied research plan, and Quester is affording me the opportunity to make that happen. We’ve already worked hand-in-hand with many of the teams to give a robust view of the consumer to our clients,” says Joy.

About Quester

Quester is a global strategy and insights agency that specializes in unlocking unknown and unique consumer truths to drive our clients’ business growth. Leveraging and integrating artificial intelligence-led qualitative at-scale, strategic sciences, System 1, and social narratives, Quester has developed proprietary research frameworks to address innovation, positioning, brand strategy, and more. Quester’s insights and strategies are proven to drive business impact and have been recognized with numerous EXPLOR and David Ogilvy awards.



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    Quester is an award-winning consumer intelligence firm that harnesses the power of human conversation, artificial intelligence technology, and expert marketing research design to yield superior understanding of consumers for clients.

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