Keeping Up with Market Research Technology

My parents always used to say that it was impossible to keep up with the changes in technology and that I was capable of doing more with a computer than they ever thought possible. Personally, I thought they were just being naĂŻve and resistant to change. But now as a parent I find myself thinking the same thing. Changes in technology happen so fast and are integrated into every part of life even before kids are old enough to walk or talk. I’m sure my kids will know way more about the newest computers and devices when they are my age than I ever thought would be imaginable.

Technology has infiltrated its way into our personal lives, our jobs, and into all aspects of business at an alarming rate. This includes the field of market research. Highly respected market research companies that have been around for years are easily overlooked now by progressive, modern businesses if they do not offer the latest and greatest research methods and research technology. Gone are the days of paper and pencil interviews, focus groups, or even phone interviews. Market research in this century is driven by advanced technology that is smart enough to not even require a minute of human interaction.

Smarter Survey Tools

One area of market research that has made an extremely noticeable change due to advances in technology is survey tools and methods. Even the most advanced software doesn’t measure up to the personalized tools that some market research companies are creating. These tools are so sophisticated that users have a hard time believing they’re not actually having a conversation with a real person. The programming behind these tools is so advanced that the computer itself acts as a moderator and is capable of changing its questions and responses based on the answers given by the respondent. Businesses appreciate these smarter survey tools because they are able to conduct a survey that includes hundreds or thousands of consumers and all of the data that is collected is available almost instantly.

Social Media

The fact that technology has made it so simple for people to share their thoughts at every minute has in turn made market research a breeze. Depending on the product or service, some market research doesn’t even require a tool or a survey. Researchers can simply hop on Facebook, Twitter, or a plethora of other sites and see what the public is following, trending, or tweeting about. This data can then be compiled to provide insights into the trends that are most popular at any given moment.

Mobile Devices

Everyone wants to be able to multitask and the technological advancements in mobile devices have made that extremely possible. Smartphones, tablets, iPads – these devices allow people to complete almost all of their daily tasks while on the go. Market research companies have taken advantage of this “mobile world” by designing apps and tools that can be downloaded on mobile devices and used continuously be consumers. They are able to review products, answer questions on a survey, or just provide their thoughts through these apps. In turn, the market researchers can gather this constant flow of data to provide valuable information to their clients.

Technology is here to stay and that means continuous advances and improvements for all businesses, including the area of market research. Who knows what could be next?


  • Jereme Thomas

    Jereme heads up an innovative team of programmers in developing and improving Quester's market research technology. He constantly works to improve the capabilities of qualitative research methodologies and Quester's proprietary tools, Socrates and Aristotle. He also manages all of Quester's day-to-day technology needs.Jereme loves boating and being on the water in the summer with his wife and two children. Problem solving and building both tangible and intangible items are his passions.Jereme appreciates the flexibility to choose the best technology for the job and all of the different challenges he has solved over the years.

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