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Andrea Joss and Garrett McGuire were thrilled to visit the University of Wisconsin’s MBA Marketing Research students in April. We shared our thoughts about marketing research and how Quester is fundamentally changing the landscape of research expectations. In return, we learned about the types of questions the industry’s future leaders are asking and how they are thinking about the future of research.

This blog post was written by one of the students who attended our discussion, Stephen Griffiths. He writes about the differences between client-side research & supplier-side research and helpful tips for deciding which path to take. He mentions Quester as a helpful place to visit for wanting to understand the three different types of marketing researchers: Mechanics, Discoverers & Strategists. This was research Quester conducted last year in collaboration with Quirk’s. Shoot us a note ( to take the study and to see the final report… where do you fit in?

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