Quester® Cares

Passionate Research for the Greater Good

Our quest began in 1973, when Dr. Charles Cleveland founded our company, Quester. Believing in the power of language, Charles had a passion for rich insights. He was convinced that a human being’s diverse opinions and experiences could only truly be captured in one-on-one, in-depth conversations. Focus groups, in his mind, would eventually become a thing of the past due to their biased and impersonal nature. He felt interviewing needed to be conducted more efficiently, and on a larger scale. Conversations needed to become more personal and individualized, yet still remain anonymous enabling researchers to dig deeper into people’s thoughts, feelings and behaviors to gain greater insight into the most effective ways to communicate with them. From this initial belief, Quester’s online moderation and language analysis system was created and has been helping our team explore individuals’ reality ever since, gaining a better understanding of people and how to reach them on a deeper level.

Our team not only understands the true power of effective communication, it’s our passion.

This passion drives our enthusiasm and motivation to work with others toward a common goal, to conduct research for worthy causes.

We developed Quester Cares to do just that.

Quester Cares understands that many organizations elect to forego marketing research due to the lack of funds and time – typically non-profits who do amazing work but dedicate all their resources to the people and causes they serve. Quester Cares wants to help these organizations overcome their obstacles by harnessing the power of Quester, to help them more effectively communicate their message to truly connect with more people, in a more personalized way.

Quester Cares – serving the greater good by helping those who do the greatest good

Program Guidelines

We understand that companies exist who elect to skip out on research due to the lack of funds and time – typically non-profits who do amazing work by expending all their resources into the people and causes they are serving. We want to help them overcome this obstacle. We want to provide them the power of Quester, helping them discover insights that enable them to personally connect with more people and how to effectively communicate their message.

We fund work that:

  • • builds public involvement and support
  • • is strategic
  • • accomplishes specific goals and objectives
  • • Our funding is limited to: United States

We do not fund:

  • • organizations without 501(c)(3) status or a comparable fiscal sponsor
  • • organizations that discriminates on the basis of race, color, gender, national origin, or familial status
  • • individuals
  • • political organizations or candidates seeking political office
  • • religious organizations or activity that exclusively advocates a particular religion, faith, or creed
  • • athletic scholarships or organizations sponsoring athletic scholarships.

Application Procedure

We accept one proposal per group, per fiscal year (September 9th – December 31th). Proposals will be reviewed by an employee Council at our company headquarters during the month of January and the selections will be announced on February 1st.

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