Quester’s Student Advisory Board

Quester’s owner, Robert “Lewy” Lewis has wanted to get local youth involved at Quester for a long time. Lewy’s vision of creating a Student Advisory Board, made up of local 9th – 12th graders, to promote leaders and collect input on what their generation would like to see in the future regarding technology, social media and mobile apps will soon be a reality.

On January 20, Quester’s President, Tim Hoskins, and Shana Johnson spoke to 120 Hoover High School students about who Quester is, what Quester does, and how Hoover students could help take Quester to the next level. Students were excited to hear that they have the opportunity to meet once a month, brainstorm ideas and meet the people behind the work being done at Quester.

Maureen Griffin, Hoover High School’s Science School Improvement Leader and STEM Administrator, shares the student’s excitement:

“This opportunity for our students with Quester is an experience we have been seeking for over a year for our STEM students. At Hoover we believe every student has a sense of wonder in them and a desire to carve a path to realize that wonder. But sometimes that the path is not always clear and the wonder sometimes gets overshadowed by the barriers they confront in their daily lives. The experience at Quester will be an opportunity for our kids to learn about career paths that are unconventional and totally realistic for them. We are thrilled to partner with Shana and her team to offer our kids this unique opportunity and the chance to wonder about their future!”

Starting in February, fifteen Hoover students will gather at Quester to begin a monthly journey of growing ideas into possibilities, sharing/hearing stories, gaining leadership skills and experiencing Quester’s progressive workplace culture firsthand.

Stay tuned for what Quester’s Student Advisory Board and future market researchers create in the months to come!


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