Respondent Satisfaction: Our Secret to a Better Experience

In the Q3-Q4 2016 GRIT Report, GreenBook asked participants to rank factors important in survey design. “Respondent Experience” finished dead last. The finding is very concerning, but it is also something we’ve been aware of and tracking for several years. In fact, at many levels it makes sense for the simple reason that traditional research methodologies aren’t able to account for how people communicate in everyday life.

The GRIT CPR findings state a concerning 48.9% (top 3 box, 10 point scale) satisfaction rating with their experience participating in research. The study goes on to tell us respondents are generally more satisfied with a survey when four basic criteria are met:

  1. Simple engaging design
  2. Short length — over 50% of respondents said surveys should be less than 10 minutes
  3. Mobile interaction
  4. Incentives/rewards that make it worth their time.


Quester started collecting satisfaction scores and feedback on all research studies at the end of 2016.  To date, our satisfaction rating is an impressive 77% (overall Top 2 box, 7-point scale). While the GRIT study focuses on simple, engaging designs and shorter survey lengths of less than 10 minutes, Quester’s median survey length is 26 minutes.

Our research on research leads to this simple conclusion of how Quester can create longer surveys and still deliver a higher satisfaction rating: In life, people gain greater satisfaction from conversations when they know others are listening and being responsive to their thoughts and opinions. People enjoy talking and become more engaged in research when they feel like someone on the other end is actively listening and responding.  That’s the beauty of our software-led moderator backed by artificial intelligence.  We routinely receive respondent comments such as:

  • “I like how it was like talking to a person instead of answering multiple choice questions,”
  • “No forced responses; I could say what I wanted to say.”

In short, Quester’s respondents feel more satisfied with the survey experience because we create questionnaires that bring together the best of both quantitative and qualitative to create a conversation.


Do we always like what respondents tell us? Absolutely not – sometimes their comments sting. But we’re constantly using that information to improve their experience and the quality of data we’re able to gather for our clients.

To learn more about how our AI moderator can help you with your research challenges, check out our short video. Contact us to schedule a  30-minute capabilities presentation.

Learn More About GRIT CPR and Quester Survey SatisfactionLearn More About GRIT CPR and Quester Survey Satisfaction


  • As President, Tim focuses on the continuous development and marketing of Quester’s products, designs, services and partnerships. Leveraging his passion to traverse beyond the known, he is instrumental in consulting with Quester’s clients. Tim is a current Board of Director with the Marketing Research Association and serves as the Co-Chair for the Association’s Insights and Strategies Conference and Corporate Researchers Conference. Tim was adopted from Seoul, South Korea when he was five months old - for which he is eternally grateful. His amazing parents had three biological children and adopted two from South Korea. Growing up, he told his brothers and sisters that he was more loved because his parents paid for him. Tim’s wife and best friend (Kate) has the toughest job in his home. She is a talented 3rd grade teacher, loving mother to their daughter (Ella) and dog (Zoey), and keeps Tim in line. He loves the “A-ha” moment that occurs every day in research. The look in someone’s eyes, the change in the tone of their voice, and the excitement when they are on the way to finding something special.

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