The First One

Welcome. It’s our first post and we couldn’t be more excited. Our goal with this blog is to help support Quester’s overall goal in the industry: Improve Online Qualitative. We conduct online qualitative and linguistic analysis. We are qualitative experts in the context of doing quantitative research. We’re not a large research house, but we work closely with those companies and our end clients. Since we have a specialty, but work in and around everyday research – we see some unique issues. They come up basically every week. For example, most folks don’t think about the wording of an open end or how you should follow up on an issue like “expensive.” Or for another example, what’s the difference between Spanish speakers in the US and in Mexico. Or, how can a qualitative question be used to replace a battery of quantitative questions.

Now, we can’t answer those in this first post. We want you to come back. But those are the type of issues we’d like to address.

Hey, thanks for dropping by. Don’t be a stranger. We love visitors.

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