Introducing Mary Rubin and Jack Marquardt

We are thrilled to announce two new Client Strategists have joined the Quester family. We put them on the hot seat so you can get to know them better!

 1) What is your New Year “evolution”? 

Jack: Reading the news vs. watching the news so there is less bias.

Mary: My goal is to know more serenity in my life in 2021.  It’s a matter of staying in my day and being present.  Keeping both feet in this moment and not lamenting the past or fearing the future. Definitely, I want to focus on gratitude for what I have today, including a wonderful new opportunity with Quester and the terrific Quester team that has welcomed me so warmly.


2) What drives your passion for the insights industry?

Jack: Solving the puzzle between consumer, brand and business opportunity.

Mary: A never-ending curiosity about consumer behavior. A genuine desire to help clients answer questions, solve challenges, and drive business impact.


3) Have you picked up a new hobby or interest since the start of Covid?

Jack: Making an Old Fashioned at home.

Mary: When Covid hit, I started gaining weight. A friend suggested I try KETO, and I’ve been on a KETO regime since August. I never knew how much there was to learn around KETO, but it’s a passion now.


4) Where is the first place you plan to travel in 2021?

Jack: Hoping for a ski trip soon.

Mary: Domestically, it’s Ohio to visit with family and (hopefully) clients. If international travel is possible, I’m longing to get back to Mexico – Cabo San Lucas or Cancun (if a family trip).


5) What excites you most about joining the Quester family?

Jack: The people, the tools, and the power to unlock incredible insights.

Mary: Really so much is exciting. The company mandate (Insurgent Mission) to uncover those hidden consumers truths and expose them to the light of strategic scrutiny.  The brilliant, beautiful Quester family – I’m so impressed with the rigor and the vigor of the organization. It’s a super fun team – but nobody is playing around when it comes to servicing clients. I’m blown away by the kindness shown to me and the warm welcome.  I’ve also received support at every turn as I learn the processes and priorities here.


6) You are next up on the karaoke stage. What song is in the queue for you?

Jack: I never have and never will sing karaoke, so if someone pumped so much alcohol into me that I was about to get on stage, I would plea for help with “Take me home tonight” by Eddie Money, because I would indeed need help home.

Mary: Probably something from the Carpenters – I’m a big fan and an alto with a mid-level range.


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