Lessons learned from my brother and nine months at Quester

My brother is a kind, smart and successful guy but a man of few words; having a conversation with him is tough. Rarely does he offer up much information on his own. It’s always been that way. To get the info you want about what’s going on in his life and with his family, you have to know exactly the right questions to ask and how to ask them because you’re only going to get a limited response out of him. I’ve learned to accept that’s just the way he is – so after we talk I often call or text my sister-in-law to get the real scoop.

Traditional market research surveys comprised of closed- and open-ended questions — like the ones we’ve all taken a hundred times — are a lot like having a conversation with my brother. If you’re relying on them as your primary information source be wary – you may collect a few good nuggets here and there but you’re never going to get the complete picture.

In the nine months I’ve been with Quester I’ve learned that having meaningful conversations with people —a lot of people —and digging deep into “the why” is the real key to unlocking the insights that help businesses solve their biggest challenges.

How it’s done

Quester is one of the fastest growing market research companies in the U.S. thanks in part to “Alex” – a proprietary software-led moderator powered by artificial intelligence. The technology allows researchers to have interactive, virtual conversations with hundreds, even thousands of people in a matter of a few days. Unlike traditional surveys, Alex is programmed to ask respondents probing, follow-up questions based on their prior responses. Participants feel like they’re having a conversation with a real person and they become more engaged in the survey experience.  The proof is in the pudding – Quester respondents’ survey satisfaction scores are markedly higher the industry average.

Speed, confidence and A-HA findings

The methodology is so tantalizing to marketers because of its ability to collect rich qualitative interviews plus quantitative data in a single study. The speed of combining two phases of research helps companies react to market changes and demands quickly – and with greater confidence. What’s more, it often brings new thoughts and ideas to the surface that marketing teams and ad agencies sometimes had never considered. And it gives marketers a chance to hear thoughts and opinions in respondents’ own language — an invaluable resource in developing messaging, campaigns and shopping experiences that really connect with people.

After nine months of seeing the technology, researchers and analysts in action and talking to clients who are excited about what they’ve gained from working with Quester, I have to wonder why marketers would settle for anything less than our quant-plus-qual solution. Quester research is simply better because it offers the best of both worlds … much like talking to my brother and his wife at the same time.


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