Meet Quester – TMRE Conference Participation

From November 2-4, Quester will be in Orlando for TMRE – The Marketing Research Event.

This year’s event will be very special for the Quester team of Tim Hoskins, Patrick Arminio and Heath Weiland. Not only will we have the opportunity to talk about our new product and new directions in research but reflect on the last year as the reigning Explor Award Winner.

We were not just honored to have won, but actually truly humbled because what the award recognizes is the application of new ideas and how we can make a difference in the market research industry. Ultimately, we want to help companies drive business by driving behavior. That comes from understanding consumers at an intimate level.

Over the last year, as a result of winning this award, we’ve had the opportunity to introduce Quester and talk a lot about our technology – the artificial intelligence moderator and the proprietary analysis software that helps us digest natural language from hundreds or thousands of people at a time.

It’s that simple. Everything we do stems from that. Every technique we employ, every piece of software we develop, comes down to that key principle, listening to people. We’re constantly asking: “How can we get better, at the listening? How can we get them to tell us more? How can we talk to more of them? How can we advocate for them and represent their stories? How can we effectively blend in smart quantitative to build even more credibility around what they’re telling us?”

And, “how can we help our clients drive their business by truly understanding people?”

So our simple premise, what we can officially call our award winning premise now, is that if you ask people (online, just like you would in person) – with caveats of course, that you need to do it very well, and have a complete, fully explored conversation – they will tell you what you need to know. Let them explain their thoughts, and feelings, and experiences in their own words. Set the stage for them to tell you as much as possible, and make it easy to do that. Make it flow, and make it make sense – if it needs to be a quantitative question, ask it that way; if it makes sense as qualitative, give them a topic-oriented way to tell you about it – build it to engage them, and really explore their world. Or in our mind, help them Explor a path to better insights.


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