5 Q’s to get to know Quester’s new Senior Research Director – Giulia Hamacher

  • Why I joined Quester?

I do research because I enjoy analyzing data to understand how “things” work– people, markets, organizations— and help them to work better. At Quester, I found people who care to do the right thing professionally, intellectually and ultimately for our clients. It is an amazing environment that I am fortunate and proud to join.

  • Biggest disruption of your day?

Going to bed at night. There’s always something else I would like to do rather than sleep.

  • Person that has had the biggest impact on your life?

My husband, Stephen. And my son, Adam.

  • Most memorable brand? What brand has your attention right now?

 Most memorable brand – IBM. The company keeps reinventing itself successfully on the strength of its enduring image as a trustworthy brand and technology leader.

 Uber has a lot of attention right now. They are taking risks like no other company, pushing legal and societal conventions to bring innovation to consumers. I am watching the historical launch of Uber’s self-driving fleet of cars in Pittsburgh this week.

  • What future innovation has made the biggest disruption to consumer’s path to purchase?

The development of the internet and personal computing is to shopping like the invention of flight was to travel; all of the consumer innovations of the past two decades’ builds on this huge paradigm shift. Connectedness is the basis for informed consumption, and informed consumers drive competitiveness and globalization. All the apps we enjoy using are the portals to this information.


  • Quester

    Quester is an award-winning consumer intelligence firm that harnesses the power of human conversation, artificial intelligence technology, and expert marketing research design to yield superior understanding of consumers for clients.

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