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Los Angeles, CA – OTX, the global consumer research and consulting firm that specializes in providing a suite of multi-media research products to the marketing, entertainment and advertising communities, today announced the integration of the simulated moderator software Socrates® into its innovative AdCEP™ product.

AdCEP™, the first pre-testing product to measure how emotion, message and context impact the performance of advertising, now allows Socrates® language recognition software to conduct interactive one-on-one interviews with all consumers who take its quantitative online surveys. Socrates® ability to generate natural consumer responses – by seamlessly re-employing consumers’ own language to probe for further clarification, reasoning and personal relevance – reveals deeper levels of insight into how and why consumers’ are responding to and engaging with advertising.

“We’re a pioneer in recognizing and advocating for the role emotion plays in advertising effectiveness, and we’ve created valid research solutions to measure it” said Shelley Zalis, Founder and CEO of OTX. “Bringing deeper consumer insights to all of our studies is a goal of OTX and this approach is one more step in that direction.”

The Socrates® software is designed to naturally explore any comment to obtain an understanding of what truly matters and what really impacts consumer decision-making. Consumers interact with Socrates® in an online survey environment using an interface similar to an Instant Messaging box capable of carrying on a full conversational interview.

Our AdCEP methodology currently lets us understand emotional response in two ways – quantitatively using our CEP®Test measures, and with biometrics by measuring people’s moment-to-moment emotional responses,” said Jim Forrest, OTX Senior Vice President of Advertising and Brand Insights. “By integrating Socrates’ qualitative approach – allowing people to express in their own words what’s important and why – we now have a strong third method integrated into our approach that allows us to tell a more complete story about how an ad is performing.”

About AdCEP™:

AdCEP™ is a pre-testing system developed by OTX that achieves a balanced view of ad effectiveness by measuring multiple key criteria that line-up with campaign objectives, including OTX’s proprietary Cognitive Power™ and Emotive Power™ measures known as CEP®. AdCEP™ tests creative (both finished and rough) online in a distracted exposure setting that simulates today’s cluttered media environment and provides real context for testing ads, making it fast (10 day turnaround) and cost efficient.

About Socrates®:

Socrates® is owned and developed by Quester®, a 35+ year qualitative research firm focused on defining a new standard of value for qualitative research through the use of innovative online software. Socrates® is an online automated moderator that conducts interactive one-on-one interviews with both consumers and professionals. Built and programmed using Quester’s expertise in psychiatric interviewing, Socrates® operates like a human moderator by conducting in-depth qualitative interviews and probing respondents for more detail and depth.

About OTX:

OTX is a global consumer research and consulting firm specializing in innovative, cutting edge research products and analysis for the marketing, entertainment and advertising communities. OTX’s range of approaches, products and services leverage technological expertise with extensive traditional marketing and advertising research experience to uncover deeper and more profound consumer insights. This unique suite of state-of-the-art products and services reach and engage today’s digitally-driven global consumer more effectively, and yield more relevant and honest data. In just eight years OTX has become the 20th largest research agency in the U.S. (24th largest globally) with offices in London, Los Angeles, New York, Cincinnati, Miami, and Chicago with strategic partners in Japan, Australia, and Mexico. OTX is on Facebook and Twitter


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